Consulting Services

I am prepared to tackle any challenge - please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Below are some examples of practical problems I can help with.

Clinical Research Data Management

clipboard-list Design Case Report Forms (CRFs) or Surveys for collecting data.

check-circle Design validation rules, scripts, or procedures for cleaning data.

hand-paper Implement web or mobile systems for flexible and efficient data collection.

briefcase Implement validated, secure systems for reliability and regulatory compliance.

map-signs Advise on system procurement to help translate jargon and select a fit-for-purpose solution.

Data Processing and Analysis

project-diagram Integrate multiple systems, to make them work together or act as one.

cubes Establish ETL pipelines for efficiently and accurately wrangling data.

chart-line Implement metrics reports or listings for keeping track of projects and progress.

puzzle-piece Implement complex or precise business intelligence reports for making sense of data.

database Advise on PostgreSQL usage and configuration to make the most of features and resources.